Nic (Askew). From expeditions in the Congo, Amazon and Sahara to a Managing Directorship in Business, Nic’s eclectic earlier life took an unexpected and conscious turn in 2005 when a lucid dream to pick up a video camera and use it in a profound fashion consumed him with no doubt. Since that day he has used the camera to capture an unyielding experience of truthfulness, taking his film subjects far beyond the experience of the mind and deep into an inner and wiser world.

His Inner View Method has given rise to the acclaimed Soul Biographies Film Series, an experience of human presence viewed by millions.

He has worked in provocative fashion in some of the World’s most influential arenas, and has given a profound visibility to the seemingly ordinary person who it turns out is each a haunting reflection of us all.

More recently he realized that his work of the two most recent decades had been pointing to a profoundly simple experience, that of surrender and an end to seeking. And that the direct experience of peace and belonging without condition is the contribution.

The Point of Us has set out to see where this experience will take us.

Pressed for a Bio, Nic often forwards his poem The Glorious Ignoramus . ‘I don’t know. But I know that I don’t know. I love that I don’t know. That I can never know for sure. So I’ve stopped looking to understand you. Or convince you. And now, finally, I can see you. I am a glorious ignoramus.’


nicaskew dot com


Jeff (Brown). In the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs convinced Jeff to undertake mapping the future and appointed him leader of Innovation and Culture.

Since then he’s been CEO and Board Chair of both public and private companies, and the founder or partner in several entrepreneurial ventures. He’s given counsel to thousands, making no distinction between the extremely well known at the pinnacle of their chosen game and the young student starting out in Community College.

He knows what Nic knows. That peace and belonging do not need to be earned. That they are an existing state that will find us if only we were to surrender the search. And he knows that we are setting a fire under the way many people view the World.

He is certain that he is here to spread love and happiness.




Caroline (Askew). Also an eclectic life. Masters from Harvard. America’s first National Geographer. Public Policy expert. VP at a Rock Label and Director at a Waldorf (Steiner) School. She has also been around the Inner View work since its first days, being married to Nic. More importantly, she will follow truth to its very end no matter the personal consequence.

Sally (Miller-Walden). World Champion Horse Reiner, Entrepreneur, Farm Girl and more. She has helped host Inner View Experiences for years, having sat unflinchingly in front of the camera where most would have fled. She even drove the RV on the Soul of America Inner View Tour.


Toby (Cryns). Owner of a USA based Tech Agency. A vivid imagination willing to challenge the ways of doing things that came before. A Technical MacGyver suited to the re-imagining of what will now be required by this contrarian work.

the mighty mo dot com



The Us Community. There will be many others involved in this movement. We have only just begun. Details here.